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Get to each plot is easy and comfortable: The avenues that give access to our pitches can measure up to 6,5 meters wide! You can also stay with your pets, they are welcome in our pitches.

If you want to know more about our pitches, click on them and choose what best suits what you're looking for.

Why did we choose those names for our pitches?

Allon was a Roman city and commercial port that occupied the entire current Marina Baja. It has been discovered in the last decade that Allon is under the current Villajoyosa. An extraordinary archaeological find!

Tarraco was the capital of Hispania Tarraconensis, the province where was located the city of Allon, and it was one of the main Roman cities of Hispania. Therefore, as it was the provincial capital, it had a higher size than Allon.

And Roma (Rome), the capital of the Roman Empire. As we know, the whole Empire was formed by the expansion of Rome. So our biggest plots are called as the capital of the Empire.

Therefore, our pitches up to 75m², are called Allon, Roman city where is located Camping Alicante Imperium. Our plots from 75m² to 90m² are called Tarraco, the capital of the province where was Allon. And finally, the largest pitches (over 90m²) are related to the imperial capital and are called Roma.

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Allon Plot

< 75 m2

Tarraco Plot

75 - 90 m2

Roma Plot

> 90 m2

Camping Map

Camping Map

White - Allon Plot // Orange - Tarraco Plot // Red - Roma Plot

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