Camping Alicante Imperium, your campsite in Costa Blanca

Welcome to Camping Alicante Imperium!

We are a new camping with plots in Villajoyosa (Alicante) which is set in the Roman Empire. Why in the Roman Empire? The Roman city of Allon have been located in Villajoyosa because of important archaeological finds.

We are not a theme park, we don't dress as Romans, we don't travel by carriage and we don't speak in Latin. But we have details that awaken interest in culture and history making your stay at the campsite even more enriching. At the moment we don't speak Latin but we speak Spanish, English, French, Dutch, German,...

We are the only camping in Spain with these characteristics, so take the caravan or tent and come because we are waiting for you! We are open 365 (or 366) days a year.

Camping Alicante Imperium: Facilities & Services

Camping Alicante Imperium: Facilities & Services

Pools, free WiFi, bar, children's entertainment,...

Camping Alicante Imperium: Camping Map

Camping Alicante Imperium: Camping Map

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Why you should choose Camping Alicante Imperium?

We offer a different experience: accommodation in a new campsite but with 30 years experience in the camping industry & a cultural stay in a Roman atmosphere.

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