Visit El Campello

El Campello, a town on the Costa Blanca, is only 20 kilometers from Camping Alicante Imperium.

In the city we can find archaeological remains called La Isleta or La Illeta dels Banyets. Is is one of the most important examples of the Roman period in our province. Also there are remains of the Bronze Age, Iberian population and Arab occupation. According to the legend, this place were the baths of a moorish queen, for that reason it is called La Illeta dels Banyets (Island of baths).

Moreover, you can also visit the Viewing Tower of the Island, which was built in the mid-sixteenth century to prevent and protect local people from the pirates.

Enjoy also the fantastic beaches, a walk along the port and the wide variety of restaurants! And it is so easy to arrive from Camping Alicante Imperium, there are many TRAM stops among the city. Ask all the information in the campsite's reception, we will help you to plan the journey!

You can't miss this archaeology site in Campello! Discover the Roman heritage of Alicante in Camping Alicante Imperium and around the province.

From Camping Alicante Imperium we suggest you many choices: what to see, where to eat, when to do it... Check our rates, take your plot and enjoy it with us!