Moros y Cristianos & Desembarco in Villajoyosa

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Moros y Cristianos (Moros i Cristians in Valencian) means literally Moors and Christians. This set of festival activities in Villajoyosa is declared of International Tourist Interest and it is celebrated from 24th to 31st July. Moros y Cristianos Festival commemorates the Berber incursions through the Mediterranean Sea in the XVI century.

Especially recognized are the Moros y Cristianos of Villajoyosa and Alcoy. So if you come in July to spend few days at the campsite, we will give you all the information to don't miss this festival so peculiar and unique.

El Desembarco (The Landing) is the most important event of the Festival. During the night, the Moorish army embarks in the port, while the Christian waits in the beach to defend against attacks. When the sun comes up, the landing occurs and the battle begins: light, fireworks, sound, drums,...

Enjoy the week with concerts, fireworks, parades, popular gastronomy... Come to Camping Alicante Imperium and live the Moros y Cristianos. It's worth it!