Dog Beach El Xarco & Camping

Camping, beach & dogs

We're lucky! We know that some of our clients love going to the beach with our best friends and it is possible in Villajoyosa! 251 metres has El Xarco, a dog friendly beach which is one of the few beaches in Alicante where dogs are allowed.

Like any dog friendly beach, there are certain guidelines and conditions: be careful with your dog and be tied, put a muzzle if your dog is catalogued as dangerous, collect the droppings and put them in the bins,... And remember to bring your pet passport and ID card.

In addition, Playa El Xarco or Playa El Charco is perfect if you like snorkeling and the sunsets are magical.

We recommend it 100%!

Camping Alicante Imperium with dog shower, free dog and close to a wonderful dog beach

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