Spanish Food & Cuisine in Alicante

Villajoyosa is a coastal town which is a culinary example preparing rice. There are numerous restaurants in La Vila where you can savor a wide variety of traditional dishes.

In Villajoyosa we can find renowned chocolate experts. You can visit Chocolate Valor Museum (also known as Chocolate Valencian Museum) or some smaller ones as Clavileño Chocolate Museum or Pérez Chocolate Museum.

In addition, there are different gastronomic appointment throughout the year as the Xocolatíssima in August (focussed on chocolate) or Rice Week.

We are hungry! Enjoy the traditional Spanish cuisine!

La Vila Gastronómica

La Vila Gastronómica

Here you can find events and gastronomic conferences.

Products & Dishes

Products & Dishes

Discover our Mediterranean cuisine.

Where can I eat spanish food and the best paella or rice? In Villajoyosa, of course.

...And seafood, salted fish, chocolate,... Whatever you want in Villajoyosa.

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