Villajoyosa: Fishing Village

Camping, sea, culture, tradition,...

Villajoyosa has traditionally been a fishing village. Since the fifteenth century until a few decades ago the entire population was working on sea jobs. There were national recognized shipyards (nowadays we can find the Santa Marta Shipyard).

Each sunrise we still can observe the boats leaving to perform their duties. When they finish in the afternoon, La Lonja (fish and seefood market) becomes the meeting place. In a dutch auction the goods are sold. If you want to visit this place and see this tradition, you can ask them to go inside.

On the other hand, the fishing net industry still has an important role. Did you know that after analyzing the objects found in Allon from the Roman period has concluded that there was a net factory? It is believed that it was the only one in Spain. This industry has given jobs to entire families for centuries.

And do you know Pal Street in the Old Town? It is a large street which was a perfect place for making and repairing nets since they could spread out them from side to side of the street. We recommend a walk through these streets!

Even the houses are painted with different colours because traditionally were covered with the paint left from the boats.