Villajoyosa Old Town

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The old town of Villajoyosa is declared Cultural Interest Attraction. There must be a reason.

Villajoyosa is a charming village in Alicante. Explore its colorful streets, see the Renaissance Walls and the Assumption Church and Fortress are things that you must see if you stay in the Camping Alicante Imperium.

Villajoyosa was an Iberian city (see section Ibera Experience) and Roman (see section Roman Experience) and you still can see examples of those periods. In addition, in 1300 was founded Villajoyosa, a Christian city in order to monitor and protect the maritime attacks by Muslims. In the sixteenth century, new walls which now can be visited in the city were built.

There are remains of different periods in which the city of Villajoyosa has been populated, so the visit of the old town is very interesting and enriching.

Villajoyosa has traditionally been a fishing village. Do you know why every house is painted with a different colour?

If you're a romantic we'll tell you they were painted with different colours because each fisherman wanted to recognize his house on the horizon. If he saw hanging a white symbol (like a blanket) it meant that something good had happened at home. However, if there was some black distinctive, it meant something going wrong at home.

If you want to know the real reason, we'll tell you that the houses were coloured with the paint remnants used to paint the boats.

Villajoyosa Old Town will surprise you!

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